About Us

Soroush Audio Visual Company affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, in 1366, with the aim of understanding the needs of its public relations Tvlydaghy radio and television, audiovisual production and reproduction, as well as support Amvrbazrgany state television, was founded. With the expansion of business activities in three areas Soroush, technical and cultural-artistic, obtaining official representative of several large foreign companies and 32 agencies in the provincial capitals, representing the world's major countries, the company has become one of the most important affiliates IRIB income.

With close association representing foreign companies, Soroush facilities to offer the latest techical information - Application in the field of professional equipment and how to use new technologies has increased, it would have caused together with a high level of technical expertise within the company Soroush as a reliable reference that most of those working in professional audio and video activities in various government departments and private organizations as a result of multiple custom audio and video equipment and through this company they are doing. Soroush has won this trust is one of the important achievements and raise its main motivation to do more in the future.